TRP Slate T4 Brakeset

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The Slate T4 has it all in mind from XC to enduro to full on DH and is an incredible brake to upgrade your Bullitt. The four piston mineral oil system is designed to offer maximum power, modulation, and heat management reliably and consistently. The four piston design ensures there is always more than enough power to stop on a dime. With excellent modulation, the Slate T4 offers a smooth exponential power curve allowing riders to slow without skidding. This is a key trait in loose conditions where tires are all the more inclined to lock up and break loose from the little traction there is. An open top caliper allows for easy pad replacement, increased air flow, as well as room for finned pads. The I-Spec compatible hinged clamp design makes installation as quick and easy as possible. Shipped as a pair, with correct cable lengths for the Bullitt. Not supplied with rotors.